Strawberry-Banana Yogurt Strawberries

So this is a fairly simple thing, but thought it would be great for a first post. I have had these strawberries pinned since my first week on Pinterest and decided it was time to make them.

They sounded great, and I decided I’d put them in the fridge so my kids could enjoy when they woke in the morning. They normally eat fairly healthfully, but during the summer… yeah, not so much! It’s hard to get anything fresh in them. So I thought they might eat these (and I added mini chocolate chips instead of almonds because I thought that might entice them more.

The verdict? They didn’t like these at all. I thought they were yummy, but contrary to the original post, these bear no resemblance to cheesecake and I would never find these satisfying if I really wanted cheesecake. Even though I used a little less than half a banana (because my kids don’t really like bananas) the flavor of the banana was still fairly strong. I imagine that’s why they didn’t like them.

Here’s a link to the source:

~Portion meter? 4


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