Berried Treasure

YUM and yum. This looked yummy. I tried something similar a couple of months ago and was disappointed. Can’t remember why. All I remember is we didn’t finish it and I felt like it was a complete waste of ingredients and therefore money and time.

Fruit pie edit

But I also had this pinned so I decided to make it as a 4th of July dessert. You can’t go wrong with strawberries and blueberries in a 4th of July dessert, right? RIGHT you are!

This was yummy and yummy and yummy some more.

I found this really easy to make early in the day on the 4th. I did serve it within a couple of hours and it wasn’t completely set up. When my son got into it later for a very late night snack (!!), it was set up much nicer.

Done pie edit

Taking inspiration from the picture in my original source, I used a throwaway foil pan, making for easy clean up.

Now, a few things:

  • I would use more berries. I used as much as called for in the recipe, but it could have used more, both in the dessert and on top. I might also add raspberries or even blackberries (my personal favorite)
  • My daughter said it could have used more pudding; If you want to get all fancy, you could make another layer of pudding and another layer of Cool Whip
  • It makes for a really pretty presentation and if you waited until it really set up (maybe make it a night before so it’s not messy like in my picture) you could serve this to company
  • I was afraid it would get runny if it sat too long, but four days after the 4th, it is still fresh tasting and not runny at all
  • My crust never came together which kind of bugged me given that I turned on the oven on a day that saw 110-degree temperature; I might add slightly more butter next time or just allow the same result (still delicious)

Delish! I keep two cooking boards on Pinterest — one of recipes to try and one of favorite recipes. Few recipes I try end up in my “favorites”, but this one will be there right after I finish this post 🙂

Link to the original source:

Portion meter:

Me: 10

Husband: 9

Son: 10+++

Daughter: 8.5 (she really wanted more pudding)





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