About Me

My goal these days is to bring my kids back to the table. We’ve gone through a lot in the past 2 years (including losing my husband/their father to leukemia) and life has been so unsettled, so confusing, that I rarely cook and we rarely eat together.

My kids are older — currently nearly 18 and 13 — so they are often doing their own thing and happy to eat on the run, but while I originally created this blog to ensure that I’d keep cooking and offer up interesting things, the new focus is about getting my kids eating healthfully again and even sometimes in the same room. We have eaten well more than our fair share of fast food and takeout over the past two years and it’s time to bring it all back into our household kitchen.

Aside from that, I want to cut through some of the ridiculous hyperbole that you find on Pinterest. It seems fairly contrived to me now, with so many companies posting things and so many blogs so sleek and sharp that I worry there’s not one person behind them but many.

How many of these recipes are really THE BEST EVER or YOU’RE-GOING-TO-DIE-when-eating-it good? Why do I see the same recipes (with the same pictures attached) on my feed every time I get on and look around? It could be that these recipes that just that good, or it could be they’re not. Before I started this blog a lifetime ago, I tried many recipes that didn’t excite me at all. And, yes, I know how to cook šŸ™‚

So that’s what this blog is all about. Helping ferret out the good from the bad, the truly delicious from the way overstated just-Ok.

So take a culinary journey with me as we discover the best portions that Pinterest has to offer.



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