About the Portions People

I’m a freelance writer (see Mojocopy.com) who has become just a little bit enamored with Pinterest. I can use it while playing around on my laptop late at night or I can pin goodies while on my phone. It’s incredibly accessible.

I like to pin recipes and DIY or craft projects, but frankly, I’m a much better cook than crafter. But the “Food and Drink” category is an area full of hyperbole. Common comments include things like “BEST EVER” and “You’ll never make (fill in the blank) any other way again”. So often, those comments are just designed to get you to click through to the blog or website and give it traffic. The recipes might produce an unfortunate result.

So I thought we’d be guinea pigs. I will consistently try new recipes and report back. I’ll report what we think so you can get an honest assessment and see if you want to pin the recipe yourself or give it a whirl.

We are:

  • Mom, 46 and trying to eat healthy with some treats in there 🙂 Favorite foods include salads, fruit, anything sweet and a really good New York steak
  • Dad, 44, and with well-controlled Type 2 diabetes; he likes hamburgers, rice (lord, that’s the reason for the diabetes!), fruit and good Mongolian barbecue
  • Son, 16, and with a typical teen appetite. Not too discerning palate, but likes chicken, steak, snack foods and a good cheeseburger
  • Daughter, 11, and picky as all get out. She is a fan of Top Ramen, scrambled eggs (her way), and all beige foods (not a super adventurous eater!). She loves a good cheeseburger and fruit.

Welcome to my kitchen! It’s all about little portions of Pinterest these days! 🙂


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